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A Test by Timothy Aylward

April 21, 2015
 A friend of ours, Tim Aylward, whom I met working on James Pecis team in New York, recently sent us this test shoot he did with Photographer John Burke.
We asked him what his thought process, inspiration, and technique were. This is what he had to say:
“The main mane inspiration came from the Daks show in London this last season (key Neil Moodie), we put extensions around the face to hide any face layers and give the hair a sleek one length virgin suicides kinda look. John (the photographer) loves shooting really graphic dynamic images and I knew the strong lines of this hair would be great for him.
I prepped Isabel’s hair by giving it a mason blowout with some bumble thickening spray, then glued in a pack of 20″ weft extensions in horizontal sections, rounding them around the front on top so hair would sit in her face on one side. After that I flat ironed it all together with a bit of bumble does it all and point cut the extensions to a square blunt length line. 
It was a fun project because I feel like the hair was so simple looking but says so much.”
Hairdresser: Tim Aylward
Makeup: Robert Reyes @RobertReyesLA
Photo: John Burke IG: @JohnBernardBurke
Model: Isabel Deprince IG: @I_am_Deprince
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