Ahem.. Label m.

October 26, 2010

Label m in LA? Hmmm, I’d say it’s about time, because I work for them and…. its rad. So we had a nice young man by the name of Jody Taylor come all the way from London to educate us on Label m’s fantastic line of products as well as the new collection “Project 10” which I had been introduced to just a couple weeks prior to this engagement. The class was at our salon, Essensuals London, here in Los Angeles, and was open to everyone interested in the product line, so it was a lot of folks first taste of Label m here in the States. The reception was warm and enthusiastic, as we hope the brand will do big things here in the US. Jody demonstrated a haircut called the “Veeka”, a nice, long, loosely layered haircut, fit for any edgy, insecure, aspiring actress/model in LA. All the shapes were taken to an editorial level with ease, utilizing products such as Resurrection Dust, Sea Salt Spray, and Hair Polish. Expect more education from Essensuals London to come in the near future. Here are a few photos of the class.


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