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An Interview With Kayla MiChele.

November 9, 2011

I have recently posted a few editorials by Kayla and in doing research I actually got in contact with her. She was gracious enough to give me a small interview. I included a recent editorial she did for French Revue de Modes #19. Kayla does hair like I strive to do hair, and after you see her work, you will wish you did hair like her as well. Also, if you have a question for her, you can leave it in the comments below and maybe we can get her to answer you. She really is THAT cool.





Where are you from?


A city near Philadelphia, 1 hour and 45 minute drive from NYC




How did you get involved in the industry?


i have always wanted to be involved in fashion somehow, i still have a childhood journal with lists of different jobs that I found to be dreamy and cool…  hairstylist, fashion designer, interior decorator, magazine editor, supermodel 😉  …  one way or another I was determined to be involved in the fashion shows!  With a strong dislike of high school, I decided to attend a technical trade school while attending my last three years of high school, which I then graduated in 2003.  I started to work in salons for years from assisting to being on the floor with a full clientele.  But, before I started to build a clientele, I started to pursue photo session work.  I’ve always been completely jealous of people who live in NYC and longed for it!  My boyfriend, also a hairstylist, and I moved to NYC to the East Village three years ago!  … we had a really great opportunity with a cheap apartment so with only one month’s notice, and no savings, we just picked up and moved.





Do you work in a salon?



Currently I am not working in a salon, just private appointments.  Most of my time is spent on photo shoots.





What is your inspiration for your craft?



My main inspiration is diversity and individuality!  I love the freaks in the east village, I love the flaming gays, I love classy elegant looks… so on!  I love to play on imagination, for example, what an alien may look like, what a historic princess may have really wanted her hair to look like, rather than what society may have expected from her.  last but not least, both  grunge to glam looks are seen often in my work.





What is your plan for the future?



My plan is to work for French and Italian Vogue regularly.  I plan to also do consulting work for some lucky hair product brand 😉  It is important that I key fashion shows, as well!  Eventually, I will open a chic salon downtown NYC, I have great innovative ides for a salon, it would be a shame to not pursue it!





What is one of your favorite experiences in your career?



Traveling to Milan and Paris to work fashion week for Guido!



Thank you for your time Kayla, and we look forward to seeing more of your work!


Check out Kayla’s blog here.





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