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Dissolution D’une Composition

September 26, 2018

“For this project I want to present the hair masks I made in 2018. For each of mask we made a set for them to be presented like a black rose and a pink seed. I wanted to show how flowers fall apart and shoot the process. Seeing the variation of my masks in this story is where it got interesting, that’s why we called it “dissolution of a composition”. Here we used black liquid to smash down the black rose mask , and also set fire to the pink seed mask to burn it down “Water and fire“. Fingerwaved and spiked hair are two of my favorite styles. On “water” we used liquid to break it down. The pink one, “fire” is hard, sharp, and not easy to get close to, so we used fire to burn it off. 

Voilà here is my wig story 

All the best,



Hair: Chiao @ChiaoChenet

Photo: Josh @Josh1006

Set Design: Chloe Guerbois @ChloeGuerbois

Post Production: Leo Wang @atelierlw

Project named by Léa Negretto







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