Duffy for Allure Magazine.

July 26, 2012

When someone calls you and asks you if you want to assist Duffy for a shoot with Kate Beckinsale, YOU SAY YES, and thats exactly what I did. I had previously worked with Duffy on an Express runway show in Las Vegas, we had a chance to talk, and he gave me a bit of advice for a guy embarking on the “session work” adventure. Duffy is great to work with because well, he reminds me of me. Nothing about him really seems like your stereotypical hairdresser. Well, aside from his huge ginger beard and long hair. That screams something other than hairdresser though, and I have no idea what that might be. Looks cool though. Anyway, super laid back and the guy still skates. We even talked about the mini ramp he is building at his spot in New York. Pretty rad, to say the least. So for me, its really encouraging to meet someone like yourself in the industry and at that time I was questioning a lot of things about the path I was going down. Working with him allowed me to reevaluate and get motivated. There was a point where is whipped out this enormous french braid on her hair which was really impressive to me, especially for the fact that at the time, I couldn’t braid at all. So when I got home I grabbed a stand and a mannequin head, put YouTube on, and learned to braid. All in all, It was a fairly easy shoot, lots of running around (VANS ARE NOT RUNNING SHOES). Kate, by the way, is ridiculously cool and actually quite funny. She was really fun to work with. Oddly enough, she seemed to have zero romantic interest in me. Oh well, ill keep trying.

Hairdresser: Duffy

Assistant: Clint Mattoni

Photographer: Norman Jean Roy

Makeup: Fulvia Farolfi

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  • Mei Mei
    July 26, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    Yea Clint! I love her, she’s so beautiful… as for the romantic interest, she was probably just trying to play it cool 😉 I have a feeling this won’t be your last time to work with Duffy… just don’t forget us little people… so happy for you <3

  • Evelia Godinez
    August 5, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    I’m really diggin Clint! and this article is great, Thanks for the motivation again…

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