James Pecis for Vogue France/Teen Vogue

January 20, 2012

James Pecis, a California born hairdresser represented by D+V Management who spends his time between New York and London. Some would imagine that he spends a lot of time in the Atlantic Ocean from that description, but you get what i mean.  He won the Best Session Stylist of 2011 in the UK and he has evidently, at a young age, aspired to be a “Straight Edge Vegan Skateboarder”. I hope he accomplished those goals. He is said to be very humble despite great success and critical acclaim and as far as im concerned, thats what its all about. Below I have posted two of his most recent editorials, one for Teen Vogue and the other for Vogue France.


Hair: James Pecis


Photography: Giampaolo Sgura


Model: Aline Weber


Vogue France:



Teen Vogue:








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