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Jesse Ervin for Lost Hairdressers

March 24, 2020
“We wanted each image to feel like a portrait of these different characters, almost like we plucked them off the street and took their photo. Some may have been on their way home from the after party, got caught in the rain, had hat head or month old braids, or maybe they just don’t give a fuck about their hair, who knows.
For hair, I wanted it to be very simple in a way, I like the idea of adding little nuances through out my work, adding elements of design into soft textures and adding softness through bolder shapes wether it be quietly or dramatically, as long as I know it’s there.”


Photographer: Colin Gaudet @colingaudet45
Style: Lynne Weare @lynne.weare
Makeup: Julie Harris @makeupqueennyc
Hair: Jesse Ervin @jesseervinhair


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