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Jhanaye Bruno and the Right Photographer.

March 7, 2017

Photographer and graphic artist Tramaine Townsend, who has played a big part in the aesthetic of Lost Hairdressers, told me that his sister Jhanaye, an up and coming hairdresser, fresh out of cosmetology school in Houston, Texas, wanted to have her work photographed for her portfolio. Naturally, Tramaine was chosen for the job.

Immediately, I was struck by fact that these images could easily go into most modern fashion magazines, even with the hairdresser being relatively inexperienced, though quite talented. This ultimately demonstrates the power of picking the right photographer.

The photographer needs to have an aesthetic. if you are calling all of the shots on your own image, it is likely going to lack something, because you are not a photographer. If you were, you would do it yourself.

If the photographer is letting you call all of the shots, they may not be experienced or confident enough to make your work look good, WHICH IS THEIR JOB. Let the photographer do what he does, and you do what you do. He will figure out the best way to capture the content. Do not waste your time on bad photographers, let them practice on someone else. 

Only one of the girls in the shoot is an actual model. Any subject can be photographed in a way that is edgy and provocative without them being agency represented. Again, choose the right photographer. 

This is one of the best editorials we have featured. It is simple, beautiful, and well executed. 


– Clint Mattoni

Hair by Jhaneye Bruno (@hairbyjhaye)

Photo by Tramaine Townsend (@misadventures)


TramaineTownsend_JhanayBruno_Session_1 TramaineTownsend_JhanayBruno_Session_2 TramaineTownsend_JhanayBruno_Session_3 TramaineTownsend_JhanayBruno_Session_4 TramaineTownsend_JhanayBruno_Session_5 TramaineTownsend_JhanayBruno_Session_6 TramaineTownsend_JhanayBruno_Session_7 TramaineTownsend_JhanayBruno_Session_8 TramaineTownsend_JhanayBruno_Session_9 TramaineTownsend_JhanayBruno_Session_10 TramaineTownsend_JhanayBruno_Session_11 TramaineTownsend_JhanayBruno_Session_12

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