Kaitlin Butler is a Winner

April 8, 2015
Kaitlin Butler won our Reverie contest that ended last week. We do not do many contests, but when we do, its with things that we very much endorse. When we emailed Kaitlin for her info, we found out a little more about her. 
“I’ve been a hairdresser for about 5 years (I have been dreaming of growing up to be Tina Anderson all these years). I’ve also been collecting YS Park combs for that long as well, haha, I’m an ultimate tool nerd. 
I recently moved to chicago from California. I work for a very small hair product company, where my boyfriend Joshxo and I push out 3-4 photoshoots a month (I do all the hair and he shoots) and pretty much run the photoshoot /media department. 
It’s called Brocato. We have been with them for about a year. It was owned by Sam Brocato and then he left and they had no idea what was going on. The products are great the company is just old school. They brought Josh on as photographer/video guy and I just kind of came along for the ride. I run their social media sites and put together all the shoots and do most of the hair for their images ( I like being behind the scenes and not show my face). So, it’s pretty much just been us two doing cool shoots out of our house and trying to make an old school company look cool!  
We have been given *almost* full creative control as of this year. So we’ve been trying to slowly help them rebrand and get out there and get cool hairdressers involved. 
Josh and I are just trying to make our content fun, and something hairdressers want to see. We having been using stuff like Topshop, Allsaints, Fred Perry and stuff like that as inspiration for the photos we make. It’s a lot of fun and I get to hang out with babely models and touch their hair.”
Instagram: brocatotoday 
Kaitlin won this rad tote bag from Reverie. Go get one of your own. 

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