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Marisol Suarez, Visual Artist.

March 3, 2017

Marisol Suarez has the ability to make grandiose hairpieces accessible, natural, and tasteful. Her use of natural color warms you before confronting you with size and texture. Every piece would look as good on a wall as it does on a human.

Marisol’s website is in french, but thanks to Google Translate, I was able to find out a little more about her. She studied Visual Arts before becoming a hairdresser. She won Best Avant-garde Hairdresser in 2000 and Best Hairdresser in 2012. She is based in Paris, loves Italian Cinema, and music. She is inspired by fantasy and daily life. Hopefully we can interview her in the near future. In the meantime, please enjoy our pirated photos from the lovely

– Clint

12_12_12_MarisolHair6142 12_12_12_MarisolHair6128 12_12_12_MarisolHair6092-1 12_12_12_MarisolHair6012 12_12_12_MarisolHair6005 12_12_12_MarisolHair5987 12_12_12_MarisolHair5981 12_12_12_MarisolHair5968 12_12_12_MarisolHair5966 12_12_12_MarisolHair5964 12_12_12_MarisolHair5949 12_12_12_MarisolHair5925 12_12_12_MarisolHair5909 12_12_12_MarisolHair5864 12_12_12_MarisolHair5859 12_12_12_MarisolHair585012_12_12_MarisolHair6148 12_12_12_MarisolHair6228 12_12_12_MarisolHair6279 12_12_12_MarisolHair6291 12_12_12_MarisolHair6317 12_12_12_MarisolHair6363 12_12_12_MarisolHair6379 12_12_12_MarisolHair6438-1 12_12_12_MarisolHair6504 12_12_12_MarisolHair6517 12_12_12_MarisolHair6529 12_12_12_MarisolHair6587 12_12_12_MarisolHair6597  12_12_12_MarisolHair6680 12_12_12_MarisolHair6685 12_12_12_MarisolHair6704 12_12_12_MarisolHair6707


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