Mayer Hawthorne – Where Does This Door Go

August 13, 2013

Ok, so I assume most of you hipsters kind of already wrote ole Mayer off since his sophomore  effort, I know I did. Maybe it was just me? I really loved his first album which ended up being filled with a lot of not-so-original material and then his second album yielded a single that did not make me want to tap my foot at all. It felt as if he didn’t have any direction. I am not saying I know anything at all about Mayer, or anything else for that matter, but thats just how I felt. I randomly passed by a Pitchfork review of this new album the other day and it was pretty favorable. Even though I want to punch Pitchfork in its interFACE most of the time. That brings me to this morning when I am driving my car to work listening to KCRW (I’ve now mentioned Pitchfork and KCRW, and now I want to punch me in the face) and this song comes on “The Stars Are Ours”. Now I may really really extra deserve a punch in the face for this but I was like… Is this some Steely Dan song I haven’t heard before? Gah, I cant believe I just admitted that. So, I shamefully use Shazam (3rd punch for me) and lo and behold its Mayer Hawthorne. Go figure. Anyway, I kind of really enjoy this new album even though it sounds like he’s ripped of every classic soul/R&B song your cool parents ever played you. Lets be honest though, isn’t that what the majority of hip hop does anyway?


PS. This isn’t the official video but I kind of wish it was. And you can try not to tap your foot, but when you do, and you will, give yourself a punch in the face. 



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