Patricia Morales styles Lily Collins for Flaunt Magazine #129

August 27, 2013

My friend Patricia Morales asked me to assist her on this amazing shoot for Flaunt Magazine featuring the adorable Lily Collins. I have a huge crush on Lily so of course I said yes. I was pleased to hear that we were going to be working on a sort of British punk rock look and would be utilizing one or more of Patricia’s insane wigs.

We arrived early at this amazing house in Long Beach California and set up. Not too long after that, this little adorable angel named Lily walks in and I nervously say hello. She’s really sweet and normal which is really refreshing and made me think that I might be able to start a relationship and meet her parents someday.

Literally, the second I shake her hand, her father, Phil Collins’ hit song “Sussudio” pops into my head and if you know me, I sing, a lot. If there is a song in my head, I’m singing it. So all day, it took everything in me not to actually sing her fathers music to her. That might have definitely doomed chances of a future romance.

Patricia starts to braid her hair in order to create a foundation for the wig. Patricia can braid. No doubt about that. It boggles my meager mind. We did a test run on this amazing neo Native American wig. It looked great. We stayed in our area spray painting the wig and chain that adorned it. The styling, done by Leila Baboi was some of the coolest I’ve ever seen on set. All in all, it was a pretty good day, Lily, said goodbye and I think it was bittersweet for both of us. Just two ships passing in the night…

Photo: Fredric Auerbach
Stylist: Leila Baboi
Hair: Patricia Morales
Makeup: Kayleen McAdams
Manicure: Stephanie Stone
Digital Tech: Jimmy Fikes.
Styling Assistants: Coco Ogburn and Caroline Yohanan.









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