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PERSONAS 111 – The Art of Wigmaking 2017-2020

March 13, 2020

We are excited to share this beautiful new book by our friend Tomihiro Kono. 

It will be available March 15, 2020

Photography  CREDITS:

Hair | Wig: Tomihiro Kono @ Julian Watson Agency

Photography: Sayaka Maruyama

Book & Poster Design + Publisher: @konomadinc

Book Preorder :


“Hairstyles and identities are closely related. We choose a hairstyle to express ourselves: our appearance is important to define who we are,  attract, disguise, entertain or play a social role. A wig is designed to make a definite impression upon others, but also to conceal the true nature of an individual. 

Wearing a wig also enables us an instant transformation: it is fun to create multiple characters that exist in ourselves – it is almost like choosing your outfit of the day from your wardrobe. You can choose whichever color, style or texture you want, to match your mood of the day. Choosing a wig can be an act of self-assertion, self-defense and self-realization. We are highly sensitive that our character can easily be changed in response to our hairstyle either consciously or unconsciously. Tomihiro Kono believes wigs have the positive power to influence an individual’s personality, and help us find our ideal self.”





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