March 8, 2017

Why must you PONY? I think we all find ourselves asking this question. Corinna Harnandez of PONY SALON answers a few questions about her upcoming class in Los Angeles, and why its worth the money. 


LH: Corinna, the class is called Razor Basics can you tell us a bit more about it?

Corinna: It’s for hairdressers with experience who want to learn cutting with a straight razor for the first time or just feel more at ease and more confident if they’ve already been using it. These basics are far from basic though. We will touch on much more than just the hows whens and whys.

LH: Why use a razor and not just scissors?

Corinna: The razor is another tool that we have at our disposal. If we learn how to use it and master it, the possibilities are endless. It creates a different effect. The lines are softer, there is a fluid movement, and the grow out is impeccable! This is if we learn how to NOT create chewy ends. This is the key and this is why I teach.

 LH: Who’s teaching and why should we take the class from you?!

Corinna: I’ll start with myself, my perception of education, how it has made an impact on me, and how I look at, touch, move, do, and understand hair. I have made moves in my career to be around and learn from the best of the best.

My goal is to share this with people who are as driven as I was as a fresh new stylist! I have been teaching for most of my 16 year career, always working towards being the best teacher I can possibly be. I am proud of the way I have molded my teaching style.

I have learned to critique and encourage so that when people grow, which can be painful, they feel really good about it. I think people like working with me. It’s so hard to talk about myself. Feel free to check out my bio to learn a bit about my background: or even take a look at some testimonials from some of my amazing clients:

Now I’ll talk about Michelle. I love to invite hairdressers to teach with me who I can learn from, and who inspire me. Michelle is one of those stylists who I look at with admiring eyes. She has that thing that is hard to explain. She draws you in with how effortlessly she does hair. Please read more about her and her experience here.

 Thanks Corinna, We’re in!

Get your tickets HERE!



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