Stockholm Fashion Week by Beatrice Datmo

February 3, 2014

My feet are sweaty and swollen. My left shoulder hurts by carrying all the heavy bags with tools, products, irons, brushes, boxes, capes, rollers.. you name it. My skin hasn’t looked this bad since I was 14. The cloud of heavy hairspray and products flying around mixed with the lack of air conditioning makes the perfect playground for shiny foreheads and a pimples paradise! My self esteem has gone from 8 to a rocky 3-4 from being surrounded by all these tall, perfect, gorgeous, baby faced models three days in a row now, but these feelings do not last for long. Welcome to fashion week people!

You’re WAY too busy to be thinking about stuff like this, when you’re in the middle of hairdressing dreamland , doing luxurious, shiny, long, sweepy ponytails to match a white perfectly fitted suit on one of the hottest up and coming models, or a crazy editorial texturized creative hair piece of art, to go with a dress that no words even can describe!

This is nothing like the work you do in the salon on a regular basis. We learn to see the designer’s vision and view of how things should look, as well as cope with make up artists’ needs, clothing assistents, models, producers, managers, agencies and a super tight shedule.

With that said, I love going to work, meeting my regular clients, doing regular hair( And plus, I don’t mind hearing my clients telling their friends or colleagues that they’re lucky they got an appointment today because tomorrow their hairdresser is going away to do hair for well known designers and big fashion shows! Who doesn’t like being braged about?! ).

Fashion week is a lesson dressed in high fashion. I think we all need to get out of our regular little working box every now and then. For our own sake, for our work sake, and for our clients sake. We all need to be thrown into something completly different, yet still within the framework of what we love, which is the passion for hair right!?

What you leave with after two or three days of doing hair during fashion week is a heavy bag full of beautiful inspiration. A thousand times heavier than the aching session bag packed with tools that you came with. An urge to learn even more, do better, be better, know better. You’re excited, you’re proud of what you’ve done. Proud that you at one point threw yourself into doing this even though you were scared! – One point, that became two times a year, for several years now..

You go home, look back at the backstage pictures, play back the runway show, give yourself a tap on the shoulder and say Hey, that looks ridicioulously wicked! Good job team! I got to work in a new team, with people I’ve never worked with before, I learned so much and I’m so excited for the next season to come so I can do it all over again!

I can’t wait to go back to work in the salon tomorrow. First of all because I’m stoked and full of inspiration that I can take back to my own teammates and clients. And second of all – there’s no place like home. Going away to do work like this is great but you’re just as happy to be back home in your own chair, your familiar clients, a well known safe ground.

Until next time….

-Beatrice Datmo

Photos from AltewaiSaome and Menckel at Stockholm Fashion Week.






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