Sunnie Brook for Lost Hairdressers

May 21, 2014

I came across the ray of sunshine that is Sunnie Brook when I first started Lost Hairdressers. Being based in Los Angeles and into fashion, you tend to seek out like-minded people and especially like-minded hairdressers. I cannot recall what editorial it was but I was impressed enough to seek her out as well as more of her work. One of her pictures, a hairstyle on model Taylor Marie Hill, was to this day, the most popular picture on our Instagram account. LA hairdressing doesn’t get a lot of respect which is why I feel it is important to show the talent that exists on this drought ladened piece of land.

Sunnie Brook is no exception, when you watch her doing hair or makeup, you are watching someone in their element. There doesn’t seem to be any indication of stress in her face, she looks like she is exactly where she is supposed to be, doing exactly what she is supposed to do. No attitude, just happy to be a part of the process. Sunnie has recently collaborated with jewelry makers Luv Aj on a line of hair accessories and we were privileged to be able to film behind the scenes of their beautiful video and look book. The stills featured below were captured by photographer/director Claire Thomas along with her director of photography Yayo Ahumada.

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