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The Ambitious Photography of Richard Burbridge

April 17, 2015
Richards work is instantly recognizable. Richard is not afraid to take the ugly and put it right in your face. So close to your face that you cannot help but see the beauty in it. His work, along with the team that he works with, is nothing short of surreal. Dazed and Confused has been a perfect fit for Richard, seemingly giving him free reign. We thank them for that.
As far as hair goes, Richard works with the best in the business. From our buddy James Pecis, Bob Recine, to Rutger. You know the hair has to be something otherworldly to keep up with these high concepts. That being said, The hair does not steal the show, nor should it. 
This is one of the reason we do not feature much work from the likes of NAHA, and other hairdressing competitions. We strongly feel that hair, while it is sometimes considered the most important feature in an editorial photograph, it is still only one player in the show. Often, regardless of the talent that goes into these over the top hair creations, the beauty is lost. The result is something that feels out of balance. There are times though, that the stylist and the photographer harmonize, and create something great together, and the right judge will be there to recognize when this happens. 
On with the show…..
 “Richard Burbridge’s technically ambitious photography explores the alchemical properties of the medium. Transforming his subjects fashion, portraiture, beauty and still life photography, Burbridge subverts the expected. Based in New York for twenty years, his work covers fashion, beauty, portraiture and still life, and is regularly published in Italian VogueDazed & Confused and The New Yorker. His advertising clients include Tom Ford, Chanel and Cartier.”
contact: becky lewis

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new york, ny 10001
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The following was sourced from

V Man

Richard Burbridge – Photographer

Robbie Spencer – Fashion Editor/Stylist

Dennis Devoy – Hair Stylist

Ralph Siciliano – Makeup Artist

Larissa Gunn – Casting Director

Yuri Pleskun – Model239236-800w  239238-800w 239239-800w 239240-800w 239241-800w


Dazed and Confused – November 2013

“Virgin McQueen”

Sarah Burton – Designer

Richard Burbridge – Photographer

Raphael Salley  – Hairdresser

Peter Philips  – Makeup

199614-800w 199618-800w


Dazed and Confused – July 2013

Richard Burbridge (Photographer) , 

Robbie Spencer (Fashion Editor/Stylist) , 

Rutger (Hair Stylist) , 

Inge Grognard (Makeup Artist)

168553-800w 168554-800w 168555-800w 168556-800w 168558-800w


Dazed and Confused Korea – June 2012

Richard Burbridge – Photographer

Robbie Spencer – Fashion Editor/Stylis

Laurent Philippon – Hair Stylist 

Ellis Faas – Makeup Artist

 105131-800w 90078-800w 


Richard Burbridge (Photographer) , 

Robbie Spencer (Fashion Editor/Stylist) , 

Rutger (Hair Stylist) , 

Yoshi Kubota  (Makeup Artist)

Model: Rose Smith


Vogue Homme Japan – Fall/Winter 2011

“A Glowing Response”

Richard Burbridge – Photographer

Robbie Spencer – Fashion Editor/Stylist

Peter Philips – Makeup Artist

Benjamin Eidem – Model

David Hlinka – Model

  1. 61832-800w 61833-800w 61834-800w


 Dazed and Confused – August 2011


Richard Burbridge – Photographer

Robbie Spencer – Fashion Editor/Stylist

Recine – Hair Stylist

Noah Shelley for AM Casting – Casting Director

Madelene de la Motte – Model

55843-800w 55844-800w 


Vogue Italia Beauty – April 2011

46734-800w 46735-800w 46737-800w


10 Magazine – Fall/winter 2010

Richard Burbridge – Photographer

Duffy – Hair Stylist

Francelle Daly – Makeup Artist

Guinevere Van Seenus – Model

28792-800w 28793-800w 28794-800w 30535-800w


Dazed and Confused – June 2011

Richard Burbridge – Photographer

Robbie Spencer – Fashion Editor/Stylist

Duffy – Hair Stylist

Francelle Daly – Makeup Artist

Edward Kim – Casting Director

49887-800w 49888-800w 49889-800w 49890-800w 49891-800w 49894-800w

Splitting Atoms

Photographer: Richard Burbridge

Star: Thom Yorke

Styling: Elisabeth Fraser-Bell 

Hair: Tomo Jidai

Make-Up: Laura Dominique

IMG_6769 IMG_6770 IMG_6771 IMG_6774

AnOther Magazine Fall / Winter 12.13 

Photographer: Richard Burbridge

Model: Patricia Van Der Vliet

Styling: Robbie Spencer

Hair: James Pecis

Make-Up: Peter Philips

Nails: Gina Viviano

image_1 image_2 image


Vogue Italia August 2013

Photographer: Richard Burbridge

Model: Tilda Lindstam

Styling: Robbie Spencer 

Hair: Recine

Make-Up: Inge Grognard

IMG_1774 IMG_1777 IMG_1778


Dazed and Confused July 2010

“War Hero”

Photography: Richard Burbridge

Styled by Robbie Spencer

Hair: Shon

Makeup: Peter Phillips

2 3 5 6 10


 Dazed & Confused – October 2009

“Fashion Does Scrapheap”

Model: Lyle Lodwick

Photographer: Richard Burbridge

Stylist: Robbie Spencer

Hair: Christiaan

Makeup: Peter Philips

Fashion-Does-Scrapheap-Dazed-_-Confused-Oct2009-Lyle-Lodwick-ph-Richard-Burbridge-03 Fashion-Does-Scrapheap-Dazed-_-Confused-Oct2009-Lyle-Lodwick-ph-Richard-Burbridge-04 Fashion-Does-Scrapheap-Dazed-_-Confused-Oct2009-Lyle-Lodwick-ph-Richard-Burbridge-06 Fashion-Does-Scrapheap-Dazed-_-Confused-Oct2009-Lyle-Lodwick-ph-Richard-Burbridge-07 Fashion-Does-Scrapheap-Dazed-_-Confused-Oct2009-Lyle-Lodwick-ph-Richard-Burbridge-08






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