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The Attractive Monotony of Osamu Yokonami

April 7, 2015

Osamu Yokonami makes monotony attractive. His photo series, Assembly, portrays groups of young women galavanting around in unison amongst various landscapes. His playful perspective keeps the same concept alive and invigorating throughout the nearly 100 photos captured. The various landscapes arouse all senses with adventure and it actually makes me rethink what types of clients I’m attracting as I build a portfolio of my own. Will my book attract the types of opportunities that will arouse my senses in the same inspiring way that Osamu has managed to do? 

yokonamiosamu_07tumblr_nlmm8hzlGz1qa4iv8o4_5001Osamu_Yokonami_00 banner_20150303134540-709-5large

Do these images make you want to explore as badly as I do?   

Written by Ashley Rubell

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