The Big Apple.

October 13, 2011



I have been in LA now for over a year and a half. There have been some highlights and some let downs but all in all, it has been pretty good so far. The salon I came out here to work for did not work out the way I thought it would, or the way anyone thought it would for that matter. I made the decision to do my own thing and im glad I did. At that time I was getting asked to assist on photoshoots pretty often and it continued until around September/October. Aside from an amazing trip to London to work on a Pixie Lott music video, it has been slow and it has got me thinking. Originally I was headed to New York but then I got wind of this Essensuals action happening in LA, and I was offered a job there. So I decided to put my How to Make it in America fantasies aside and give the west coast a shot. Now that things are slow though, I wonder if it might be time to make the jump to the east coast. At this point I do not have a lot to lose aside from squeezing every last cent from my bank account to afford New York rent. My intention was to involve myself in the fashion industry make myself a better hairdresser, and while LA does dabble in it, its still very celebrity oriented which means playing it pretty safe. Safe isnt what I had in mind. I feel that LA has been a good intro into what I would experience in New York but its not quite what I want professionally.


There are some extremely good things about LA, and they are as follows; nature, weather,  travel, free time, good friends. REAL GOOD FRIENDS. Hopefully everyone will remain my friend no matter where I end up. Also, as far as my work goes, I cannot forget Yiotis, Patricia, Laini, and India for helping me so much here. As far as my career goes the glaring utilizable quality is free time. My dream is to have our website, this website, the brainchild of Shane Mackey and myself, become my career. If we can make this website as amazing and substantial as we envisioned it, I know that it is a real possibility, but its going to take a lot of time and effort to get it there. That being said, the free time in LA is ample and somewhat affordable. I know that New York will challenge me mentally and will also challenge my craft. I do not take this for granted. I do not feel I am at the top of my game, but I am not a rich man and New York is not cheap. I feel like I would have to get a second job, which would probably end up getting in the way of my session work in the long run.


Decisions Decisions….


I know this much is true, I will not be moving to New York in the winter so that gives me a little time to think. As far as this website goes, there are grandiose intentions for it and I appreciate your support. In a short time we will be producing free educational videos for your inspiration. The plan as of now is to get Lost Hairdressers to as many people as possible. There are a lot of hairdressers out there who have no idea how valid and important their craft is in the world of fashion, and while we should not take ourselves too seriously, what we do is as important than any other aspect of this industry and we intend on making that apparent.


As always, lets consult Jay-Z on the matter.

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